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Paul English.

Stuart Cosgrove to work out what that nappy line meant, though.

I was surprised to say the least. Pre show, fans gathered for hours before filming began.

And judging by the rock concert queues outside the BBC every Thursday from late summer into early winter, Nike Windrunner Men White the appeal of Mrs Brown's Boys isn't going the same way as her homeland's economy.

So I sneaked in with the crowds for a live recording at BBC Scotland to monitor the recording process and check for evidence of laughing gas or some other substance used to alter mental state.

She'd have laughed at anything, that woman. If someone had dropped dead with a heart attack she'd have been off again.

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Some wore T shirts declaring their membership of Mrs Brown's fan club, embossed with bawdy sex slogans many were old enough to be great grandmothers.

"Paul," (s)he added, looking straight at me.

After suffering through live show of Mrs Brown

But judging by the feedback I received to a critical article about the series both agreeing and disagreeing with my point of view it seems everyone has an opinion on Brendan O'Carroll's coarse creation.

It was a BBC sensation this year.

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One of the actors even started a Facebook campaign in response to what I'd written.

It was Bafta nominated, broadcast across the UK network and is a key part of this year's Christmas schedules, before returning for a second series early next year.

"We've no idea where you're sitting but thanks for coming. I know you hated the first series. We might not change your mind but we can hopefully change your nappy."

the comedy was anachronistic, backward and crammed wall to wall with lazy stereotypes and naff gags, the statistics speak for themselves.

"Oh, yes," (s)he said, as if it had just occurred to him/her. "There's a journalist from the Daily Record here, a Paul English.

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Despite my assertions that Tracksuit Nike Kids

Nike Windrunner Men White

If they did, they would soon be in no doubt. After (s)he came out to say hello to the crowd, Brendan O'Carroll made it quite clear who was sitting among them.

I needed to know whether they were force fed pints of Guinness on the way in to the live recording to make them laugh at jokes from the 70s.

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Nike Windrunner Men White

Hilarious, or so the audience thought, especially the woman behind me who did that "ahh, hhhaaaaaa HAAAAAAAA" bingo laugh and continued to do it throughout.

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Filmed in Scotland, it has been sold across the world. The stage show tour is also hugely popular internationally and has run for what seems like an eternity at Glasgow's Pavilion.

The foyer was packed with fans on any seat they could find. I imagined I could feel some of their eyes boring into the back of my head. I'm sure they sensed an impostor.

After years cutting its teeth in theatres like Glasgow's Pavilion, Mrs Brown's Boys made the leap to TV, pulling in huge ratings figures, a Bafta nomination and vitriolic reviews from critics including our own Nike Jacket Junior

Nike Windrunner Men White

It took me two weeks and the help of Nike Tracksuit Yellow

Nike Windrunner Men White

Before filming started a three hour stopstart experience full of O'Carroll's ad libs we were warned we couldn't leave unless it was an emergency. I now know incompatible senses of humour don't count as an emergency.

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Accents came from all over the UK but, interestingly, few from Ireland.

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