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One of the stories of 2009 is the emergence of app stores and app developers that bring custom content to mobile devices. With the success of Apple App Store for the iPhone platform, other smartphone makers launched similar stores. For example, the Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile ended the year with between 250 and 1,000 apps each, while the Android Market hosted 20,000 apps compared to the iTunes App Store that finished 2009 with just over 120,000 apps for download. The central hope for education, both K 12 and post secondary, is the ease of implementation of successful applications, promising to move innovation more quickly into the mainstream.

Evernote one of the most popular mobile note taking tools can also provide an organizational app for library research.

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Modality the developer behind study aids for anatomy, algebra, literature, vocabulary, and travel.

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Whiteboard Capture for faculty inclined to regular use of a whiteboard, this is a simple app for capturing and sharing these notes with the class or a blog.

Creation Tools In addition to the media production apps detailed on the Mobile Media page, the iPhone platform has generated a significant number of apps for artists and designers.

Apps to Watch Finally, the frenzy of recent app development has also drawn attention to some promising approaches and technologies. Here are a couple tools to watch.

Here are a few preliminary thoughts on making imaginative use of apps already widely available:

Reference and Support One of the first areas to see immediate development in the App Store was reference and utilities. We can say enough about how having the complete archive of the Internet immediately available has changed the dynamics of the classroom. When students have Wikipedia and Google Earth, as well as their graphing calculator, thesaurus, and language translator with them at all times, discussions don have to end with a shrug of the shoulders.

Keynote Remote an elegantly simple presenter for Apple Keynote that displays and progresses slides via WiFi. (The Air Mouse controls Mac and PC applications, so could also provide a remote for PowerPoint users.)

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Flipbook a quick way to sketch a design or storyboard a concept.

is to the question. If a question of fact arises during class, ask the student who raised it to take 2 minutes to hunt it up online. This becomes as valuable a discussion about how search works (or sometimes doesn and advanced search strategies.

Layar You Nike Tracksuit Khaki may have heard about augmented reality and thought it was science fiction, but Layar was one of the first to bring the approach to mobile screens and has already developed some intriguing proofs of concept. (For example, see the Beatles Tour example.)

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Air Mouse a mobile update on the Gyromouse that puts a trackpad, keyboard, and advanced remote for presenters or others controlling media tools at a distance.

Photoshop Mobile a strong set of photo filtering tools.

7 Things You Should Know About Google Wave

Statistics an app to help students new to Stats visualize key concepts.

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principles to his students.

ACU Connected Blog Apps and the Future of the Web

SimpleMind Xpress a solid mind mapping tool with email sharing capabilities.

VocabWiz college vocabulary primer for increasing proficiency among incoming students.

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AP Mobile with dozens of major news agencies publishing content to native apps and aggregators like Google News, students have an invaluable resource to fact check claims made in a reading or discussion. This is also a valuable chance to discuss the use and misuse of sources in research.

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4. The real question isn't native app or web app. (Principles)

one strategy for tapping student expertise Nike Women's Jacket White

3D Brain an interactive model of the human brain that walks students through key terms and components.

MindWire a custom content platform for distributing media flashcards and self quizzes.

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Communication Tools In addition to more familiar tools for texting, tweeting, and publishing messages, faculty at ACU have also found mobile tools that change the ways they present in the mobile classroom.

Crestron for campuses using Crestron room control systems, their new iPhone app provides mobile teachers nimble controls for multi projection or other complex room designs.

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Collaboration Tools One forthcoming collaboration tool that deserves a category to itself is Google Wave. Currently in beta, Wave boldly attempts to combine the best features of email, chat, docs, photo and media sharing, all within one inbox. For mobile users, Wave is also compatible with the iPhone and Android platforms out of the box.

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Kenny Jones, an associate professor in Art Design, has used a variety of apps to illustrate basic design Nike Jacket Women

A key question to watch in 2010 is whether new web standards like HTML5 will begin to compete with native app development by making more and more mobile functionality available from the browser. We believe the most compelling solutions web apps or native apps center around how we create, communicate, collaborate.

Muse du Louvre one of dozens of online collections of mobile friendly museum apps.

Study Tools Certainly another area of preliminary development on mobile devices was in review and assessment tools as well as modeling and visualization tools. Here are a few strong examples in the category.

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Nike Tracksuit Khaki

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