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Nike Jacket Mens Black

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"This was unprovoked," Det. Sgt. Dan Sabadics told CP24 Friday. "It wasn't targeted by any stretch."

Police previously told CP24 that the suspect was walking through the train and bothering other passengers when he began to talk to the victim, who was sitting alone.

Cummings was subsequently ordered not to have any contact with the victim, who remains in hospital with non life threatening injuries, and the crown and defence both agreed to set the matter aside until Monday. Wednesday.

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Nike Jacket Mens Black

Nike Jacket Mens Black

Nike Jacket Mens Black

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Moments later, the victim was slashed across the neck when he stood up and told the suspect to leave him and others alone, police said.

At the time police said they believed the suspect is also responsible for a number of other unprovoked attacks throughout Toronto, however on Saturday Det. Sgt. Dan Sabadicstold CP24 that no additional charges have Nike Crew Neck With Pocket

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Accused in subway stabbing remanded into custody

Nike Jacket Mens Black

been laid as of yet.

Nike Jacket Mens Black

Nike Jacket Mens Black

Nike Jacket Mens Black

The suspect fled once the passenger assistance alarm was activated and the train was stopped at Davisville Station.

Cummings was then arrested Friday morning following a massive manhunt.

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Nike Jacket Mens Black

Nike Jacket Mens Black

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Nike Jacket Mens Black

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