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the citywide branding initiative underway now.

Advocates push for downtown Casper public plaza

California marketing company Believable Brands is expected to unveil the results of their community wide survey. From there, local advertising agency Adbay will create a marketing campaign.

According to city work session materials, the proposed 47,250 square foot public plaza and 12,000 square feet ofparking spacewould bridge the Old Yellowstone District and downtown.

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A public plaza would be the board's biggest infrastructure undertaking yet. Six months ago, it took over operations at the public garage. It also spearheaded the grant proposal for public restrooms outside of the garage. Construction is scheduled to start this spring.

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"In the deepest dark recess of the alleys, there is a sign that says, 'I'm over there'," Walsh said.

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"From a market perspective, if they're not willing to park at the parking garage, then maybe it's because it's a five minute thing they're doing," Walsh said.

means more incentive for new businesses to move to the core instead of east Casper, and for existing businesses Nike Long Sleeve Top Womens to look at expanding their operations. Its money comes from a mill levy placed on property owners within its district.

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Downtown advocates are working to change that. They took over the parking garage and are adding public restrooms to make it convenient and comfortable to spend more time downtown. A public plaza offering year round activities is in the works. Finally, they intend to pull all those components under a single identity so they can draw visitors.

Walsh points to Wyoming's tourism mecca, Jackson Hole, as a place using signage to its full potential.

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Walsh still runs into people in Casperwho don't usethe garage.

To Walsh, that identity begins with a thriving downtown. The plaza, the garage, the restrooms and the gateways are all baby steps toward letting the region know Casper is here.

"Five years ago, Rapid City had 100,000 unique visitors downtown last year they had 700,000," Walsh said.

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Board representativeswanted a downtown identity with the gravitational pull those giant yellow signs exerted on Walsh. That spark morphed into Nike Hoodie For Men

"A gateway would give a face to the city when you come off I 25, something that says, 'Hey, welcome, there's something for you here'," Walsh said.

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The potential economic boost isn't a pipe dream.

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He called downtown the heart of Casper, pumping life and money into the city. Your comments are immediately dismissed by everyone that reads them because you have never had a positive (or intelligent for that matter) thing to say about anything. You're nothing more than an armchair naysayer, and the world will move on without you, and when you're gone, nobody will notice because you haven't contributed anything of value to this community. Instead, you would rather tear down what others try to create because you are incapable and ineffective.

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"He is a brand in and of himself, he's omnipresent and you can't miss that big, yellow sign," Walsh said.

Charles Walsh used to sit in front of a window in the Wolcott Galleria and watch the traffic below for hours. Time and time again, he observed vehicles pass by, only to circle back five minutes later, still hunting for a parking spot. Meanwhile, the parking garage two blocks away stood half empty.

"That's something we went on the offense for it's proving to ourselves we could get something substantial done," Walsh said. "It's not a new idea, it's been out there 25 years, but we got it done. That, to me, shows staying power."Walsh had no intentions of stopping, much less staying, in Casper as he rumbled down Interstate 25 many years ago. During the long, quiet stretch between Cheyenne and Casper, Walsh saw the same sign 13 times: Lou Taubert's nine floors of Western wear. He had to stop and see the store for himself.

can I stop laughing yet? I wont shop downtown for several reasons. I can buy cheaper on line anything they have. and I mean anything is always 30% cheaper at least. And I don't have to hunt for a parking spot. I don't have to put up with bombardment of other stores or services. I don't have to walk 5 miles to get a few items. If I wanted to live in Denver I would. Downtown casper is dead and no amount of money will change that, why? because you don't have the space, the infrastructure, the parking, the items, the hours. after 6pm its a ghost town.

Creating public space would open up opportunities for everything from concerts to farmers' markets right in the heart of the city, Walsh said. More downtown foot Nike Sportswear Rally Hoodie

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Signage incorporating the city design would show visitors where to go and what's available downtown be itthe parking garage, plaza or a restaurant.

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