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known as The Last Battle of the British Empire.

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Mr Dodd left Aden in 1959, around the time Stuart Braddock was arriving for his tour of duty, but both men shared a memory.

FIFTY years on, Stuart Braddock's abiding memory of the barren rocks of Aden are the flies. "You killed them and more just kept coming back. And the accommodation. For two years, I slept on a balcony, no air conditioning. If they had conditions like that in a prison today there would be uproar," said the former RAF fitter.

His wife Maureen will also be at the reunion. She said: "When they open their photo albums the memories come pouring out, it is like they are all back in their 20s again."

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Arab unrest began to surface following the abortive Nike Crew Neck Hoodie Suez invasion in the mid 1950s and by 1963, British forces were coming under regular attack from rival guerilla groups the NFL (National Liberation Front) and FLOSY (Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen).

Know affectionately as "Mad Mitch", he led men of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders into a district of Aden known as Crater which had been taken over by insurgents. The action became Nike Windrunner Jackets For Men

"It was rather exposed we were in the sun for most of the day, every day. What with the sand blowing about, the lack of shade, and the flies, there wasn't a lot to look forward to."

Britain hurriedly pulled out in 1968, having lost 68 service personnel with scores more wounded, leaving the NFL to fill the gap Nike Windrunner Women's Black And White

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Mr Dodd, an apprentice cabinet maker and ex pupil of Radford Boulevard School, spent 16 months in Aden, mainly confined to the air force base. "The Army had it worse, they were up country, fighting the rebels."

Aden veterans hold Nottingham reunion

Mr Braddock remembers working inside the fuselage of an aircraft. "I think the temperature in there was in the region of 150 degrees. Maximum time we could spend was 15 20 minutes."

Seized from the Turks in 1837 the base, situated at the tip of Saudi Arabia, became a strategically important refuelling station for the Royal Navy after the opening of the Suez canal 30 years later.

Mr Dodd landed at RAF Khormaksar in 1957. "Getting off the aircraft was just like opening an oven door. The heat hit you."

"At the time it was horrible," he said. "But in hindsight, it was an interesting experience."

Nine RAF squadrons operated out of Khormaksar, flying operations against the rebels in their mountain hideaways ."a bit like Afghanistan and Iraq," he said.

"I don't think many people knew about it. There was no TV news in those days, we couldn't telephone home."

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He will be attending the reunion, organised by the Aden Veterans' Association, which is being held at the Britannia Hotel from September 4 to September 7.

and establish the People's Republic of South Yemen.

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Retired draughtsman Nike Jackets Leather

"We had one day's rain in my two years," said Mr Dodd. Mr Braddock was luckier he had two days of rain.

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For many men like Stuart Braddock, 71, of Long Eaton, and ex RAF signaller Philip Dodd, 73, from Wollaton, Aden was their National Service posting and as one sergeant told Mr Dodd, it was "just about the worst place in the world".

Before their postings, neither man knew much about the rocky little colony.

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It was the Aden Emergency that brought Lieutenant Colonel Colin Campbell Mitchell into the public eye.

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