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look at a r and consider there is a person and family behind it with real experience and talent.

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While quietly gnashing my teeth, I remark on how the last time I had to look for a job, there was no Internet. Yes, I guess I that old. I do consider myself fortunate since my employer held on to me for almost 30 years. Of course, I was set to stay another 10 to 15 years and retire from my company, but it Nike Black Hoodie Zip Up

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Good news is she told me she wouldn change a thing on me. If nothing else, attending these support sessions reminds us that we are not alone in our mad scramble for our next career. As we filtered out of the meeting, we bid our goodbyes with the hopes that we would not see the other person the following week which, of course, would mean that one of us had garnered a job and would be released from our own unemployment prison.

After 30 years with one company

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So, I hoping this mild rant might serve to remind potential employers to be cognizant of what recently displaced workers are experiencing. I sure emotions run the gamut, including concern regarding future finances, but stress seems to be a big one for me. I was lucky to have been given a severance package, which helps tremendously, but my stress comes from not knowing how long that cash is supposed to last me.

regret to inform you that you were not selected for the position stated above. That notice received in the mail was bittersweet to me. The sweetness comes from the fact that I actually received a response from one of the many job applications I have submitted. No, I did not get that job, but at least I know there was a human on the other end of the snail mail letter signing and stuffing it into the envelope. What a cheap thrill.

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Nike Jacket Orange

Bring some humanity back into the system. Please. We are not machines out here looking for work, so why would one use a machine to judge a candidate? I irked. I frustrated. I sad.

As I continue to search for that perfect job fit, I gleaning advice from all over the Web about tweaking my r interviewing techniques and how to up my confidence game. To further my makeover, I have started attending job support groups. Wow, it has come to that. These are groups recently created not only for mutual support among the attendees, but also to listen to experts on various topics. A recent one Nike Jacket Women's Windrunner

included a speaker from the California Employment Development Department (the state unemployment office), a volunteer expert for the business networking site LinkedIn and a wardrobe coach who advised us on what color palette worked with our skin tones.

I have all but convinced myself that most of the people in the Human Resources departments or hiring offices have not looked for work in the last 10 years. If they had, they would know the frustration and disappointment job seekers are experiencing as they are forced to use the Internet for most of the employment hunt.

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My experience with online job submissions is not a tasteful one. I tell my wife I feel as if the act of hitting sends my information out to the ether, never to be seen again. If I am lucky, I will find an automated response in my e mail box, thanking me for my submission. Those machine generated answers usually point out that if I don fit the criteria, I will probably not hear anything back at all. I sure the person who originally wrote that response was dying to put in the added line, don ever contact us again. area of frustration for me is the unreturned phone calls. Employers, put yourself in our shoes because you could be there sooner than you think. It certainly doesn take much to take a call from a job seeker or at least acknowledge the message with a return call or e mail. It will really do a lot for our self esteem and it might even make you feel better about yourself, too. Don forget the warning not to burn bridges. I like to add that one day you might have to cross it yourself.

Take it to heart and consider the frustration and angst the job seeker is going through making these calls on a daily basis. It just might make you do the right thing.

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Do I put it all on double zero or will I have to make it stretch for two years? What do I tell my daughter, who is riding high right now after her acceptance to seven colleges? The famous FAFSA aid form does ask if a parent is unemployed, but then colleges are telling her that her father earned too much last year Nike Jacket Orange to qualify for any aid. Hey guys, what about the here and now? I out of work now, not last year.

Each day, I get out of bed, bravely face the day and hope the phone will ring with a job offer or at least an interview, where I can show off all the things I learning from the Web and the dozens of experts dishing out job hunting advice. This is not a pleasant time in my life. Not the way I thought it would be in my early 50s. I just hoping one morning I wake up and realize the whole unemployment phase is one big nightmare. Just beam me up, Scotty.

My recurring question is, are there human beings on the other end of all these online forms and applications? Job seekers Web sites are telling us that big companies now employ devices to scan r and pull out key words. I guess no one has time anymore to personally Nike Ladies Sweatshirts

had other ideas. Company loyalty is gone. Hanging on to a job for 30 years is rare these days and I was no exception. My retirement goal was shattered, at least for now.

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