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Yet another is "encourage contractors and/or subcontractors to incorporate IMAGE best practices and, when practicable, incorporate the use of E Verify in subcontractor agreements."Contractors and the firms they hire to perform parts of a large job, such as constructing a police station, may constitute a stumbling block.

"You don't have all the information to become IMAGE certified," he said.

Allegood said he would consider the suggestion. "Let's digest this," he said.

"Please believe me, you don't have an accurate picture of what IMAGE is," he said. "To become IMAGE certified or applying for it in no way requires that you require a sub sub subcontractor to use E Verify."

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Some of the requirements include added paperwork for human resources departments and specialized training, which would come out of the city's budget.

"You can't go back and look at old employees," Bulthuis said. "You can only look at new employees."

"The city would be required to start monitoring all subcontractors and sub subcontractors. That would be an additional step that we're not required to do now," Bulthuis said.

the federal enforcement agency.

"As the city, we don't have any enforcement ability whatsoever," he Nike Jacket No Hood

During a work session Monday, City Manager Brian Bulthuis brought Mayor Tommy Allegood and the Board of Aldermen up to speed on his research into the ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers, or IMAGE.

E Verify compares information on a new hire's I 9, which is an employment eligibility verification form, and data from the Social Security Administration.

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Bulthuis did not present cost estimates at the work session, and Allegood said after the meeting they had not worked up those costs. Bulthuis said seven of the Nike Jackets Gray 12 requirements would have to be started from scratch.

Bulthuis said if someone blew the whistle on a worker, the Acworth Police Department would have to contact Nike Coats Womens

One is a retroactive function, examining all employee records regardless of hire date and verifying Social Security numbers.

There is no checking of workers who signed on before the system was in place.

Acworth studies IMAGE program

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Although the IMAGE website does not list a charge to be certified, neither does it offer compensation for completing its 12 steps.

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Right now there are no requirements for the city's contractors to be in the IMAGE program. King spoke during the work session.

King recommended tapping ICE Special Agent Rick Beamish to address a future work session. Nike Sportswear Windrunner

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Costs not calculated

The city of Acworth is no closer today to joining a federal immigration enforcement program, but now it has more information to ponder.

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