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Ryu Connor wrote:

powercfg h size 50The rest are just mucking with powers beyond mortal comprehension.

IIRC there is no "new install". Choose Custom Nike Hoodie Green

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Install on the blank SSD (with no HDD connected of course), and you should be good.

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

bostonhokie wrote:Is there any reason to partition a SSD? Right now I have "Disk 0 Unallocated Space 111.8GB" can I just install windows to that or do I need a partition first?

If you don't want the 100MB System partition created on your SSD, here is one possible set of instructions:

may be pretty much done with that capacity.

Hello all, I recently built my first HTPC (or build ever, for that matter), thanks in large part to the responses I got to my post on this site. Now I'm coming back for more help!

connect SSD as secondary drive.

Adding an OS SSD help

3. Power off. Unplug HDD, plug in SSD Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit only.

Follow this one.

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

IMO 120GB is not big enough to partition. Between the OS, apps, and may be a couple of games, you Nike Sweatshirts Womens Amazon

I only redirected the 4 Library folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos). On my brother's machine where he tends to throw stuff on Desktop, I redirected that too. Some people want to move the entire Profiles folder, but on a 120GB drive, space should not be that tight, and temp files from web browsers and other apps can remain on the SSD taking advantage of the speed.

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Now I haven't done too much with my computer since I built it, knowing full well I'd be adding an SSD soon after and not wanting too large a headache. Mainly, I have installed some free software for ripping my blu ray collection, in addition to MSE and MalwareBytes, and a digital download of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 purchased in an alcohol induced fit of nostalgia. What I can't figure out for certain is, will there be any issues accessing the data on my HDD after installing the OS on the SSD and deleting it from the HDD? I would backup to my external HDD and just reformat, but my blu ray collection is nearly a TB and my ext HDD is only 500GB. Also, I'm planning on deleting MSE and MalwareBytes from the HDD before step 1 so when its back up and running, I won't have 2 installs. ssds hdds to optimize, but does anyone have any additional tips or recommendations from personal experience?

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

4. Boot Win7 disc/usb, and install on the already created/formatted partition (don't go into Advanced and muck around with partitions anymore)

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

So I got a Samsung 840 series 120GB SSD to add to my build as my OS drive. I've done my share of googling and I'm pretty sure I have the process down, there are just one or two questions I couldn't find consistent answers to. Here's the route I'm going to take:

Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Yes, don't follow that tweak guide.

1. Boot back from HDD, Nike Tracksuit Maroon

Edit: There are two tweaks he has listed that I find agreeable.


Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

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