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shape, from direct class struggle in the professional sectors to the standing of the lists of resistance and combat that we have helped to put together for the Nike Windrunner White And Black municipal elections. Through these discussions, we mean to help bring conditions together for a united movement that will force the Hollande Ayrault government to back down.

Let's discuss. Can there by a way out in conformity with the needs of the majority without breaking with the 5th Republic and the European Union?

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Nike Windrunner White And Black

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Uneasiness: the Hollande Ayrault government has plunged the country into an unprecedented collapse. It has attacked everyone, workers in the public and the private sectors, the young, the unemployed and the retired. It has attacked 1945's social security, the working classes single greatest gain.

Who can claim to open a way out while accepting to back this policy of damage and destruction, which has turned its back on over two centuries of combat, of gains by the democratic labour movement?

Nike Windrunner White And Black

By proceeding as the government is, attacking all the social gains, "reforming" the architecture of the local municipalities and the French "departments" with an axe, threatening to liquidate what is left of the democratic institutions inherited from the French Revolution, what way out does this government leave to the people?

This rejection that will no doubt be expressed in the municipal elections, in all its self contradictory shapes and forms.

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Inside the trade unions, militants are already debating and acting for the organising of a united riposte to the government's plans.

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Who can claim to open a way out while supporting this government, a government at the orders of finance capital and the European Union?

What way out except getting rid of the antidemocratic institutions of the 5th Republic, which means posing the question of convening a sovereign Constituent Assembly, to Nike Sb Jacket Green

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Address by the National Federal Council of the Independent Workers Party POI of France

We are therefore engaged, as of now, in the preparation of the 5th Congress of the Independent Workers Party (the POI), a congress of reinforcement and building.

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Nike Windrunner White And Black

Indignation, when we hear Hollande promise the owners and the bosses that they will be exonerated from paying 30 billion euros of allocations to families.

Uneasiness and indignation: that is what the Pierre Gattaz() and Francois Hollande's revolting spectacle inspires the two of them arm in arm, demanding that the workers' organisations sign on to their pact of responsibility .

Because never has a government of the 5th Republic gone so far in the attempt to destroy Social Security.

A new phase has opened in the crisis of the regime. To the workers, to the militants of the democratic labour movement trade unionists, militants of the Socialist Party, of the French Communist Party, of the Left Party to the citizens and the elected officials attached a the Republic that is one, indivisible and secular, we propose: let us discuss freely.

define what democracy should be and to open the way to government that organizes the defence of the workers and the population?

Therefore, we mean to help open the way to the movement of rejection that is growing throughout the country: Rejection of the Hollande Ayrault government's policy, rejection of the European Union's policy.

How much longer can this last? Already, strikes have been multiplying in many sectors, in order to defend their rights foot to foot. The working class is seeking to fray its way.


It is accompanying and co organising layoff plans. It means to dismantle the Republic's school system, through "territorialisation" and even the Republic itself, through regionalisation.

As militants of the Independent Workers Party of France, we are engaged in a constant dialogue with the workers, with whom we have been fighting the same fight of resistance, in whatever the form and Nike Jackets Leather

While the greatest events and the greatest mobilisations are yet before us, we invite the workers, the militants and the young people to engage in the combat of resistence, to pursue this discussion freely, in all respect for the different positions of each and all, in the open assemblies that the POI committees will be organising throughout the month of March in all the departments. Nike Pullover Mens

We will assessing the situation and we will examine the initiatives to be taken.

Indignation, when he promises 50 billion euros of supplementary cuts in public spending and that a mysterious "Stratigic council on public spending" has been charged with planning the reduction in the number of civil servants, the reducing of their wages and the dismantling of broad sectors of public services.

Yes to the unity of workers and the young, in united action to defeat the HollandeGattaz "pact of responsibility" and the whole of their politics of destruction!

Nike Windrunner White And Black

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