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Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

Administration proposes new rule for hydraulic fracturing on federal land

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

According to the department, operators with federal leases must comply with federal and state regulations. But the new proposal would defer to some states, according to the department, if they have standards in place that meet or exceed those in the proposed rule. The department specifically mentioned Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and Texas.

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

"States do an excellent job of regulating our industry," Minty said.

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

executive director of the Sierra Club, said the proposed rule is inadequate and would put the public's health and well being at risk.

"In line with that goal, we are proposing some commonsense updates that increase safety while also providing flexibility and facilitating coordination with states and tribes."

Chip Minty, spokesman for Devon Energy Corp., said the company is still reviewing the proposal, which would affect its operations in New Mexico and Wyoming.

"As the president has made clear, this administration's priority is to continue to expand safe and responsible domestic energy production," Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Thursday.

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

The rule which was modified after the department received more than 177,000 public Nike Windrunner Fleece Mix

"This proposal does not require drillers to disclose all chemicals being used for fracking and continues to allow trade secret exemptions for the oil and gas industry," Brune said. "There is no requirement for baseline water testing and no setback requirements to govern how close to homes and schools drilling can happen.

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

Rep. Doc Hastings, R Wash., chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, said, "States are able to carefully craft regulations Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk to meet the specific needs of their states. At a time when the Interior Department is currently canceling lease sales because they say they do not have the necessary funds, they should not be wasting federal dollars and resources implementing duplicative and unnecessary regulations."

comments on its initial proposal could be finalized after the 30 day comment period. energy production with huge economic and geopolitical effects.

Some states already require reporting through that Nike Tracksuit Navy

website, and its use on federal leases would eliminate duplicative efforts for operators and cut down on Interior's administrative costs, the department said Thursday.

Michael Brune, Nike Hoodie Green

"The new rules also continue to allow the use of toxic diesel fuel for fracking, as well as open pits for storing wastewater two practices that we know to be environmentally hazardous."

The proposed rule, a revision of its initial draft from last year, would require disclosure of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing and establish safeguards for the integrity of wells and the disposal of "flowback" water used in the process.

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

Industry groups and the chairman of the House committee that oversees public lands ripped the proposed rule as burdensome and duplicative of state regulations. Environmental groups said it didn't go far enough to protect public land and health.

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

Nike Running Jacket Mens Uk

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