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We always put a second bath in the basement of our rentals whether a ranch or bungalow. Much more cost effective that way and like others have mentioned on this thread people don't expect a bathroom on the upper floor of a bungalow around here. We've bought a few bungalows in South Redford where they have already been there and that's a nice bonus but like I said we always put second baths in the basements.

I've done this same scenario a few times, added a bathroom to a second floor bedroom to make it a "master suite". Without it, it's just a 3rd bedroom, not a master as what people have come to expect when they hear "Master BR".

The downside about these houses with a master on a different floor than the other two bedrooms is that people with younger kids wont want to be on a different floor than them, it hurts us for rental, as well selling the home later on. Not on price, but the amount of lookers that are ok with that or want that situation. People with older kids / teens like that kind of BR layout. When I advertise these homes for rent, I always explain that the master is on the second the other BR's are on the first, nothing worst than wasting time to show the home to people who will never want it at any price because of the layout of the BR's.

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

Add a second bathroom in second floor master

Scott, I know, I was leery of the service drive, but loved the layout of the house and the inside is going to look killer but it's the worst spot out of all the houses in the service drive! lol, it's a gamble and I'm very nervous about how it will turn out for me. I will tell you this story, I was looking at a house on a major road (I was looking for a house for me to live in), the realtor told me not to buy the house, will be very hard to sell, she was right BUT I bought it anyways b/c I liked the layout and close to a very popular downtown, then I moved to another house and made it a rental and it rents like Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls hot pancakes!

Rob, you're right, seems not to many houses have a bathroom in the second floor, might not be something that people are expecting to much.

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

in the service drive of a highway, it's a pain to back out into the service drive (although could turn the car around by going into the grass area at the back of the house), that's why I got it cheaper than other houses in the area, 29K and putting about 20K in renovations. I'm renovating the entire first floor which has 2 bedrooms, brand new bathroom and brand new kitchen, the master bedroom is in the second floor and it's not bad so I'm leaving it alone. Houses in the area compared to mine are renting around $1,000 per month, so the cons are my property is in a service drive, no basement, and no central air (no biggie in michigan but being on a service drive and considering car fumes might have to install one) pros are most houses won't be as nice as mine, renovated, nice open layout and 2 car garage.

I'll try to make the meeting and learn from the wise veterans like you! I'm an accidental investor, wasn't in my plans but it happened and I'm running with it.

Now to the question, I'm concerned that the master has no bathroom, so the renter will have to go downstairs to use the bathroom. How big of a deterrent would this be for a renter? Could it be worth it to add a bathroom in the second floor? I estimate it will cost me about $4,000 to put a small bathroom.

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

I don't know no basement and on a main road? Both of those factors are deal breakers for me. Save your money.

Thanks for the feedback guys, George, my target renters are not families, it would be Nike Jackets Black And Gold

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

young professionals, young couples. Might be worth it to add the second bathroom, if I do it now is the time to do it while renovations are going on.

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

bought a bungalow in a middle class neighborhood in Michigan, centrally located and close to a very nice downtown (not detroit!) but the house is Nike Hoodie Womens

Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

Michael, the house in the service drive to late to back out (pun intended!), it's actually by 696 and coolidge, the rental market seems good in oak park (close to downtown royal oak is key), I'm buying another one north of 696 moving in there and renting the current one that I'm living on. A friend of mine has no problems renting his 5 properties there, what is your experience in terms of rental demand in oak park?

George, just curious, is it hard to rent mainly b/c of inskter road AND no bathroom upstairs? or you were you just referring to insker road? Have you had people wanting a bathroom upstairs?

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Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

It seems that it's not needed, just trying to feel if just doing it now that I'm doing reno and fits in the budget it will make finding renters much easier and of course add value to the house vs grabbing that money and putting it into a future property.

I see you're from Oak Park. My partner and I own 3 properties there. Anyway, there's an investor meeting this Tuesday at Sila's in Berkley (12 and Greenfield) from 6 9pm. I'ts a great meeting. Check it out

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Nike Jackets Hoodies For Girls

George, I feel for you man, that's a tough one, in my property they can actually turn around either in the front or the back (both places going into the grass) but I'm afraid if they turn in the back they might hit the garage or the house eventually!

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