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"Rodeo goers head to the fairgrounds to watch rodeo, not to be led in prayer," the letter states. "It is unfair for the town to place spectators in the uncomfortable position of having to choose whether to pray, make their faith or absence of faith an issue by choosing not to participate in prayer, or leave and miss out Nike Hoodie Womens Pink

The Wyoming chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union fired off a letter to the Jackson mayor and Town Council about a new prayer at the summer rodeo, saying it's illegal.

"Father, I want to thank you tonight for the privilege of living in this nation founded on freedom. I thank you for the sacrifices that have been made to secure those freedoms for us.

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Rodeo prayers became an issue after Teton County received a complaint about them.

on the government sponsored rodeo."

Cowboy Joe if you weren't so pissed about hearing a prayer in school you might have heard the teacher talk about why people came to America in the first place. The founders wanted to be able to practice any religion they wanted to. They did not want the government only allowing one religion in the country. I still say if you want freedom FROM religion then we should get freedom FROM your speech. If you want to change or limit our rights, you should have to give up yours. I respect your right to your opinion. BUT, what about this? What if I, and most of the rest of the people do not mind hearing, or in the case of a rodeo, look forward to hearing a prayer for the contestants?What happens when those of us that do not mind prayer are offended by the fact that others want us to stop doing something that we have done at these types of events since the birth of the nation? Surely, if a prayer at a public event was so awful, so heinous, and so offensive, the courts and government would have put a stop to them years ago, wouldn't they? So why didn't they? CJ, you wrote "subjecting others to one's faith. Keep religion where it should be in private, in one's church not at public events on public property." Okay, now I am trying very hard to stay civil, but that statement is a little over the top. A 30 90 second prayer is not going to destroy anyone, ever. By that standard, we could ban every idiotic automobile insurance commercial, or any other type of speech we do not like. Really though. Careful, my friend. When you write things such as:" America was founded by folks who didn't want government cramming religion down ones throat", you appear to be using the same type of over exaggeration that name calling can be compared to. A simple prayer is not, in any way, an attempt to cram religion down your throat. It would seem that maybe you have the same problem of lack of substance that you accuse others of having. A short prayer is not an attempt to "cram religion down your throat" Please, lets back off of the absurd over reactions. If a short and simple prayer is so offensive, so damaging, so life changing that you dare never hear one again, how in the WORLD do you survive in the world CJ?? We all hear things that we do not like, or vehemently disagree with often. That is not going to change. Let it go in one ear and out the other. To imply that a prayer is going to be so devastating to someone's psyche is outlandish, because every day, we hear things we don't like. Unless you plan on living in a bubble, a glass jar, or walking around with earplugs in your ears and a bag over your head, you WILL be offended, everyday, by something that someone says. Are you going to try to tell them that they cannot say something that you may not like, or may offend you? Until THAT day, let it go. Until we make society into robots that always do what we want Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner Camo

Linda Burt, executive director of the ACLU in Wyoming, doesn't expect her organization to take the town to court.

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"As we leave tonight help us travel safely home and may your grace and wisdom always light our way.

"The moment of silence is certainly secular in the sense that everyone is free to do whatever they want in that moment of silence and there's not necessarily a religious connotation," Burt said.

In the fall, when the Town Council reviewed its agreement with Wilson and WW Productions, councilmen took on the issue of prayer. They added to the contract the following language: "Should the Concessionaire choose to conduct a prayer at the beginning of each rodeo, the prayer shall be non sectarian."

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The town owns the fairgrounds, but the Teton County Fair Board manages them and Teton County uses the space for the county fair and other programs, said Roxanne DeVries Robinson, assistant town manager.

ACLU says new 'nonsectarian' prayer at Jackson Hole Rodeo is illegal

Wilson submitted to the Town Council a script for a prayer, drafted with the help of a pastor.

"I think the city council has been very attentive and responsive to that," she said. "I'm certain they'll do the right thing. It's been clear that's what they want to do. We're not looking at any further problems Nike Long Shirts with that."

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"Since the issue has come up, we've gotten some additional emails for and against," Robinson said.

The ACLU's letter cites court rulings from about a dozen cases throughout the country that determined government cannot favor one religion over another, or favor religion over nonreligion.

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"These things I ask in Your Name,

them to do, or say what we want them to say, then offended we will be. But we will also be free. You said that you were in favor of freedom. Prove it. Stop acting like a 30 second prayer is going to somehow change the destiny of your life. Because to do anything less would imply that you are incapable of seeing, hearing, or experiencing anything that might be, in the very least nit, offensive.

The ACLU of Wyoming didn't write the letter on behalf of a specific complaint it had received from anyone, Burt said.

"Protect those who compete in tonight's great American sport of rodeo. Keep them safe from injury and help them do their best.

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"I thank you for the wisdom, help and aid that has kept our nation through many trials and uncertain times. May we never cease to be humbled by it, and thankful for it.

The town contracts with Phil Wilson and WW Productions to put on the Jackson Hole Rodeo on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the summertime.

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Previously, there had never been a script or instructions on how to pray, Robinson said.

The Jackson Town Council's proposed prayer for next summer's rodeo, according to the Wyoming ACLU letter issued to the council:

Bob McLaurin, Jackson town manager, said the Town Council and Mayor Mark Barron have not yet met to discuss the letter.

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There are legal ways to be observant that don't involve the government promoting faith.

On Monday, the Jackson Town Council formally approved a Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket Windbreaker Hoodie Black White

prayer for next summer's rodeo that does not refer to Jesus or the Bible. Last summer, rodeo prayers had Christian references and offended some people. Constitution," stated the ACLU's letter, which was dated Monday.

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