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As folks are added to your list, you systematically follow up (via email, social media, phone, direct mail) to see if you can get the prospect pre approved for financing.

Wishful Thinking or, Nicheful Thinking?

You could start by driving traffic to a simple site/blog that revolves around displaying your past projects via pictures and videos. Over in the sidebar of each page you have your More About My Affordable Custom Homes program lead capture box. A fairly fundamental web marketing approach is being taken here You offer something unique, the Custom Home, then site visitors feed you a name/email in return for a PDF that describes your program.

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What follows below is a game plan for how an investor might eliminate or reduce the costs associated with that uncertain marketing phase. It all starts with implementing fundamental web marketing techniques to build a list of prospective buyers willing to buy your next renovation before you even acquire it Custom Home Real Estate Investor Niche

Probably a little of both, I know. I sure there are a lot of reasons why this strategy wouldn appeal to many, but for the investor looking to reduce risk and establish a large source of buyers for their prospective projects, I thinking the Custom Home might not be a bad way to go.

work/repair plan you put together with the new buyer?

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At this point, there still a lot that can go wrong, but once you confident that you got a good buyer in hand, that the purchase price is set, and that the renovation costs are as nailed down as possible, then go ahead and execute the contract and start working with your Buyer partner on the project. Sync your closing date with your estimated rehab completion date and cut out a lot of that resale stress.

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Every time you have a new deal you considering, you can take it to your list first, checking to guage interest in the location, target disposal price, etc.

Many of the folks who end up on your list will need help getting credit/cash ready to buy their home. You can either help them directly or refer them to credit specialists to be incubated for the future, but, a good number of the folks will be able to get a mortgage right away.

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Nike Hoodies Maroon

Free eBook from BiggerPockets!

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Nike Hoodies Maroon

Affordable Custom Home Real Estate Investor Niche Marketing

be spending less time waiting to close on the ones you working on now!

When I was active as a Realtor working primarily with investors in Philadelphia, most of my business revolved around finding for investors to rehab and hold or sell for a modest profit, usually in the that 100 200k range where there were always plenty of buyers. Of course, one of the most stressful stages of the process was the weeks and sometimes months between completion of renovation and settlement day when the investor could replenish the tied up cash or pay off the hard money loan.

I leave it to you to point out the downsides of this approach in the comments, but I like to close by recapping the potential benefits of an Custom Home System should easily be able to get a few hundred prospective buyers following the progress of your projects via the E Newsletter that is regularly sent out from your blog.

Once you identified a property, you can start to draft a broad purchase contract that lays out scope of repairs and sets limits for the finishes that will be chosen. Example Your purchase contract might specify that the buyer can choose any type of flooring that retails for under $4/sq. foot or any fridge for under $900.

With the Buyers that are ready, start a dialogue about potential locations, search criteria, etc. You might even want Nike Black Crop Top

Explore Real Life Strategies for Building Wealth,

You waste less time at Home Depot agonizing over which cheap bathroom tile to go with.

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to bring solid buyers along to look at target properties with you.

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You do more deals, because you Nike Hoodies Green

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Basically, instead of acquiring, rehabbing, and suffering through the resale of a property, you Nike Hoodies Maroon might establish yourself as the guy who finds the buyer first, then finds the target property and rehabs/ it to that buyer specs.

You always have a pre approved buyer for your projects, even before they completed, and even with the inevitable disputes/contract defaults that will arise, you be able to cut out a large portion of your carrying costs (most notably the Realtor commission) much of the time.

Get The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing for FREE read by more than 100,000 people AND get exclusive real estate investing tips, tricks, and techniques delievered straight to your inbox twice weekly!

Learn how to get started with or without money,

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You might have an easier time getting funded for more deals. I imagine the hard money guys out there would be excited to see your buyer pre approval letter as well as the scope of Nike Grey Sweatshirt

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