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We have over two million in private money borrowed on rehab projects right now, four out of the five private lenders are active real estate investors who do care about details.

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they do they go out and seek people to lend money too.

Advantages of Hard Money Loans vs

A private lender is someone who is Nike Windrunner Jacket Pink

The main thing that one needs to specify when going over the differences between the two is Hard money lenders are in the business of lending money. This is what Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve Shirts

Imagine that, the private lender has some negotiating ability . REALLY?? There is a useful bit of informstion. Most investors trying to understand the difference between, hard and private money probably were not aware of this.

He states, "If you are the type of individual that likes to have control over everything, you may want to work with a private lender. However, if you just need access to money and you do not care about having to follow some rules, a hard money lender could be beneficial."

Unless grandma knows to comply with the SAFE Act, Dodd Frank, RESPA, TILA, and a host of others, she better make sure you are using the money for a business purpose only, if it's going toward real estate.

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Sure glad I read the article and got the clarification, otherwise I would still be under the false assumptions that my private lenders cared what I I spend their money on.

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Once they give you the the money you can use it as you see fit.

not in the business of lending money. A person looking for money would have to meet said person and convince them why it would be a good idea to lend them some money. Even if you want to buy into the silly definitions, you cannot borrow money from a "private lender" and "use it as you see fit."

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rules. Good thing only hard money lenders have to follow them.

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This maybe true for grandma and a few freinds or relatives who trust you, but in my opinion, having borrowed from a few dozen "private lenders" it has been a small minority of lenders.

When you work with this type of lender, you are going to be able to negotiate all Nike Grey Hoodie Zip Up of the terms of the loan.

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Private lenders are individuals that do not necessarily care about the details of the business arrangement. They are not real estate investors and they simply want to get a specified amount of return for the money that they lend.

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