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Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

His work has become an important resource and, as one of the first attempts of its kind, has also provided a number of lessons for how to publish government information effectively.

the opportunity to hold online town halls.

to have all three levels of government represented.

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

envisions a service that allows politicians from all levels of government to connect over issues they care about, while giving

And that the hurdle right now. Everyone working on CitizenBridge all nine of them are volunteers. The not for profit company simply hopes to help government, media and the public to better engage with each other.

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

also want to create more engagement points surrounding the extensive committee work that happens in parliament, such as profiling testimony or vetting draft reports, and also give elected officials

have all these great ideas, how do you prioritize them and how do Nike Pullover Windbreaker

And it only the beginning.

Richard Pietro, a Montreal born advocate of open government, has been building CitizenBridge for two years. Last month, the framework of the service he envisions finally went online and it nothing short of ambitious. Users can follow any elected representative, bill before the house or issue and track developments in their The search functions are fast and accurate, the design is sleek and it overall an inviting space.

you execute them? he said.

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

see ourselves as a civic engagement site where these three pillars (elected officials, media and citizens) can come together and engage, Pietro said. right now all you're seeing is the federal level of government, our goal is Nike Men Jacket

For government to work well, its agents and elected leaders must work well together and work with the public. For CitizenBridge to work, technologists and designers and ideas from across the country must come together. And for it to be successful, MPs, media and everyday citizens need to offer their voices to it.

Accessible government

is going to make a billion dollars off of this, he said. want to create engagement Nike Jackets For Men Black

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

But the advent of social media has made a certain organizational magic possible. Suddenly anyone should be able to track a bill from first reading to royal assent. Anyone should be able to follow a single

Governments are massive, complicated beasts. Countless departments, sprawling budgets and regulations stretching to the moon. It can be a lot for most people to wrap their heads around.

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

CitizenBridge is in its infancy, but its creators are ambitious. The proof of concept is now online. With the right expertise to pull it all together, CitizenBridge and OpenParliament could together change the way Canadians interact with their government.

points. not the first to try and use the Internet to open up government, either.

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

citizens a glimpse into that connection.

The next steps involve publishing an API so others can access their reams of information and mash it together as they see fit. Pietro and the rest of his team also want to make widgets available, so anyone writing about political issues online can use a free embeddable tool to keep readers up to date with real time developments. He Nike Tracksuit Mens Green also

love what Michael is doing at Open Parliament and have spoken with him on a number of occasions, Pietro said. be honest, the collaborative and supportive spirit is nothing short of amazing. that ultimately the key to the entire project: Collaboration.

Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

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