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The credit score is definitely not optimal but there are many out there with similar scores and you may miss out if you rely too much on that number alone.

6) Then Credit

5) Rental history (constant jumper is a risk because they may be jumping and not getting hit with an eviction but they still may stiffing landlords on rent)

on their payments when they in Sec 8 program. To me, the biggest problem is that Sec 8 wants to set the rent amount and they usually well below market. And, here in Illinois, the tenant doesn have the option to "pay the difference". If sec 8 says, the most the lease can be for is 1k and the rents are 1,200, the tenant can pay the extra $200.

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2. 8 collections

I like the automatic payments but I don like the rent amounts so I tend to say no unless they know their voucher amount and it will cover the rent.

6) Size of family to house size (6 people in 3 bedroom is a no)

To me its:

Real Estate Investment Property Management, Rochester NY

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1) No Evictions

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4) Salary

As the owner you need to decide what criteria and previous history is acceptable and what is not. I am not sure if you should be upset with the PM company unless you have provided specific instructions regarding screening.

I am a new landlord on some out of state houses, thus I hired a management company. Today, the mgmt company asked me to approve a potential tenant for one of my homes. Single lady with two teenage kids. She has a credit score of 546, income of $1.1k a month from her job (which she has been at for two months) and $300/month from Army Reserve pension. She will have a section 8 voucher that will pay for 60% of rent so her portion of the rent will be 25% of her gross combined income. The rent/income aspect is okay but the low credit score along with 8 collections and an eviction in Nike Sb Pullover Hoodie Grey 2005 leads me to wonder if I should be upset with my management company for showing me such a tenant. I asked the mgmt company to get me more information on this potential tenant but should I be upset that they sent over a pretty sketchy applicant?

Past record speaks worlds. Evicted once. probably won care if it happens again. After all, she knows the system, and even if she doesn pay, she get to live for free for awhile. I think it may affect her ability to claim bennys though, so maybe she has wised up.

I have only researched section 8, but I believe both the management company AND the house needs to be approved by Section Nike Women Windrunner

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The amount of the monthly rent is always good to know when evaluating an applicant ability to pay. You didn mention what that amount was, but nevertheless I would not rent to this applicant.

8. I guess this kind of tenant would be pretty par for the course for Section 8 and a lot of landlords (not all) really love Section 8 due to the predictable payments and, in some areas, a little higher than market rents.

teenage kids, it just doesn sount like someone who makes good decisions. I don know how this stacks up against the typical S8 applicant.

Accept This Applicant

I tend to skip over credit unless there are two applications with even numbers and then I go to that as the tie breaker.

3) Job history (the "just got a new job" applicant is a risk)

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I would be worried about the EIGHT accounts already in collections since she obviously doesn pay people/companies that she owes money to. I have a feeling you just end up being one of the people on the long list of those she already owes money to who don get paid.

Just make sure you treat each applicant fairly and accept the first one that meet your criteria.

Tenants don usually stiff you Nike Tracksuit Grey Girls

That being said, I agree with above comments NO EVICTIONS! I would take someone with a record before I take someone with an eviction. And I don take either.

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Also, I personally have a non negotiable rule that I do not rent to anyone who has had a prior eviction. Of course there could always be the exceptional great tenant out there who fell on hard times and had to be evicted for whatever reason, but I don want to take my chances and deal with that.

2) No criminal

Well, someone with only two months on the job, only making 1100/month has 2 Nike Windrunner Khaki

Personally, when I see a prior eviction that is a non starter for me.

With that being said you want to make sure that you are placing well qualified that will take care of the place. What type of area is it located in?

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