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What does he like to do when he isn't working?"Because I spend so much of my life working and rushing here and there I just like to sit on the settee when I've got time. I love to read newspapers, I bring loads of them home and telly wife I found them on the train. I like the Green Un especially. I buy it every week. It's a great feeling to think of all those people working on a Saturday afternoon to bring you the reports and results, I love it.

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

He's been to Meadowhall to tell a group of children about the Year Of Reading initiative and now he's in the city centre to talk about writing, bell ringing and his uncle Charlie.

"I won' live anywhere else now. Someone from the BBC phoned me the other week to see if I would come into the studio and talk about life in Barnsley. They said they would send a car round to pick me up.

Small, grey haired and bespectacled in lecturer's baggy checked shirt, black jacket and jeans with turn ups, he walks across Sheaf Square outside the railway station with a bag on his shoulder and a box under his arm.

accents and why he loves the Green 'Un

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

For the moment though he's glad to be working near home for the day.

but at least I am there having a say. It's only a bad thing when people are patronising, which they aren't usually."

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

When will it end?

Slightly nervous and hesitant on first meeting, he's soon into his stride with tales from building sites, Have I Got News For You and pledging his undying love for the Green Un.

"Coming to Sheffield was always a big day out for us," said father of three Ian.

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

"They couldn't believe I actually lived there. They were shocked. "Oh I thought you were like Parkinson, I didn't know you actually still LIVED there!' It's as though certain places are comedy places to live and Barnsley seems to be one of them.

My uncle Jack had a house in Hillsborough and it was always a big trip to go and see him.

"I always wake up at 4.30 in the morning. That's when I'm freshest and I get a Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Crew

lot of work done then but it means that I've had it towards the end of the day."

"I asked if they knew where I lived and they said no, which part of London s it?

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

"I like Andrew and I like his poetry but why didn't they give that job to a Sheffield Nike Jackets Mens Price

"I MUST have been busy that day," says Ian McMillan as he glances up at the Andrew Motion poem plastered all over the Owen building at Sheffield Hallam University

"There was a bloke who wrote to the Barnsley Chronicle saying that Sheffield people don't say 'dee' and 'dah' but they do.

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

All in that deep Darfield accent as thick as chip shop gravy, great with singing, even better on poetry.

"You know there must be a spot somewhere between Birdwell and Grenoside where people stop saying 'thee' and 'thou' and start saying 'dee' and 'dah,'" said 52 year old Ian who still lives in Darfield with his wife Catherine.

"My wife said to me that you don't retire from this type of work and I suppose you don't. But Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew I'm 52 now and I might start and slow down. I'm thinking about doing less over the next few years."

"My dad was company secretary at Hadfield, Cawkwell and Davidson, an architect in Broomgrove Road, Sheffield. We would go shopping in Wombwell once a week, Barnsley once a month and Sheffield once a year.

poet, or me?"

Ian McMillan has come a long way.

"I sometimes feel like the token northerner when I'm on a TV panel Nike Blue Long Sleeve

"Sheffield was the big city, that was always the pull. But you wouldn't know the place now with all the changes, it's hard to remember what was there before."

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

Although he spends part of his week in London, commuting via train from Doncaster, he is resolutely a Darfield lad and will always be so.

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

Nike Sportswear Rally Women's Crew

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