Nike Jacket Olive Green

Nike Jacket Olive Green

Nike Jacket Olive Green

In the end, my friend and I compromised Nike Jacket Olive Green with how to spend our time during her vacation. We spent her first weekend in Port aux Basques. We toured the Valley, and I showed her the beach you know, the one right in town. There were moments I could hear my friend's breath catch. She was impressed.

"When people get to Port aux Basques, the first thing they do is get on the highway and head northeast away from here."

Nike Jacket Olive Green

Once the view's been taken in, the idea of sticking around for a few minutes, or hey, even a few days, might seem a little more appealing. Tunnel vision in Newfoundland won't go far.

Nike Jacket Olive Green

following weekend, we hit the gas and headed to Gros Morne. Of course I was blown away and had to make great effort to watch the road rather than the looming, lush green mountains.

Nike Jacket Olive Green

Nike Jacket Olive Green

This is all to say, we live in a gorgeous land. Those who are eager to book it out of Port aux Basques the minute their back tires leave the loading ramp might want to stop to take in the view.

As cars drive off the ferry and onto the Trans Canada Highway, they seem to have a couple of destinations in mind Gros Morne and St. John's. They might stop at Tim Hortons in Port aux Basques for the Nike Running Jacket Mens

Nike Jacket Olive Green

I didn't understand until recently that not spending time in this area is Nike Women's Jacket Black

like going to Toronto and only going to the CN Tower. Port aux Basques, the Valley and the coast have a heck of a lot to offer.

Nike Jacket Olive Green

At first I was a little put off a little defensive actually. (I feel sheepish about this now, but it's true I was defensive.) I explained to her how I felt.

long haul first, though.

Now that I've survived a fall, winter, spring and large part of the summer, I've gotten to know Port aux Basques and its surrounding areas. I'm a nature nut. The idea of curling up in front of the tube is appealing sometimes, but I'd rather be catching frogs and stomping through the mud.

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I recently had a friend in town. She gained a quick affection for the rock. Before she visited, though, she discussed how eager she was to go to Gros Morne.

Nike Jacket Olive Green

Aethne Hinchcliffe

Nike Jacket Olive Green

There are plenty of places to stomp through mud just kilometres from Port aux Basques. When I hiked the Starlight Trail in the spring, I returned with an unrecognizably muddy left shoe, and I was quite pleased.

Nike Jacket Olive Green

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