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The event was co chaired by Cobb residents Judi and Bob Snelson and Patsy and Reynold Jennings.

"It's just a wonderful story to know that somebody can endure all that and come out with a positive outlook on the remainder of his life," he said.


More than 500 people attended the event, themed "Boots and Black Tie," and they raised $196,000 through live and silent auctions with items donated from various retailers, including the Cumberland Diamond Exchange.

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

SafePath Children's Advocacy Center held the 12th annual Hearing Children's Voices Gala at Cobb Galleria on Saturday Nike Women's Jacket Running

Oh, how I wish we had flown to Atlanta to attend this event for Nick. What a wonderful Nike Windrunner Women White

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"Nickolas said that each stab wound is a reminder of the almost 18 years of his life that he lost between his mother's murder and Daker's conviction," Robins said. "He also said that we have to remember to laugh because life is a gift."

Snelson also said Smith was a tremendous individual to have overcome all he did in his young life and applauded him for being able to tell his story in front of such a large crowd.

"It was a super time," said Snelson. "I believe it was the best gala we've had."

Advocacy Center hosts Hearing Children s Voices Gala

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

A nonprofit advocacy group came together recently to honor the victims of violence, and in the process had its most successful fundraiser ever.

This year's event also allowed the nonprofit to recognize Nickolas Smith, 22, by giving him the Hearing Children's Voices Award.

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

"We wanted to honor him for his incredible ability to overcome a tragedy that with the support and love of family and outreach from the community that they need," Robins said.

Uh oh. as of April 2013, the key witness's testimony was all lies. Guess we, the commenters from outside good old boy Georgia were right when we poked holes in the weak case being put on the stand: that story was full of BS. I feel sorry for Mr.

program. Knowing it helped Nick and what he went through, we are so relieved to know he went to SafePath and they helped him. We gave him and still give him all the love and support we can but it so hard since we do not live out Midwest. I live because of the memories of my children and grandchildren. I never thought I would have to bury my 2 daughters before they buried me. Nick's personality is so much like Karmen,his Mother and I thank God every day that Nick survived and is such an Awesome man today.

Snelson said he became involved in SafePath five years ago through his employer, Marietta Board of Lights and Water.

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

Daker was convicted in Cobb County last year and sentenced to life in prison, plus 47 and a half years.

Thirteen Delta flight attendants, all in uniform, were also recognized for volunteering their time at the gala to honor Karmen Smith, who was their co worker nearly 20 years ago.

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

Smith's mother Karmen Smith was murdered by Waseem Daker on Oct. 23, 1995. The young man, who was 5 at the time, was stabbed 18 times and survived.

Bob Snelson, who serves as the SafePath board president, said this is the second year he and his wife have chaired the gala that was sponsored by Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids Balfour Beatty Construction in Atlanta.

will go to providing services to children and families, such as crisis intervention, therapy sessions and child abuse prevention training.

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

"We were ecstatic!" said SafePath Executive Director Jinger Robins. "To be able to have the support from the community with community dollars allows SafePath to be so much stronger because we are not dependent on just grant dollars from the state and federal government."

Nike Windrunner Jacket Kids

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