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Do you have any legal representation?

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If you are going to court to establish child support and establish paternity, you could have your lawyer request visitation or request a temporary order a "pendente lite". for establishing custody arrangements.

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I personally need more information on your situation, so contact me through web answers website with your full story . I will be able to fully answer your question with all the information in front of me.

How do i respond to a petition to establish paternity and award custody? My daughter is 13 months old and lives with me. my ex and i were never married and have not.

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Nike Crop Top Long Sleeve

the final split. I went to the state and filed papers for child support that was over 3 months ago. My worker says that he filed papers for. I have no problem paying Child support but she is asking for sole custody. I want joint custody and. I am waiting on my court date from my lawyer, just want to get other opinions here. Custody changed last year.

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Nike Crop Top Long Sleeve

How long does it take to get a child support court date in the state of indiana? How long does it take to get a child support court date in the state of indiana? my childs.

After my court date for child support an establish paternity

If unwed parents agreed and then placed the father name on their child birth certificate, do we still have to filie a pat.

child support, but you need a job, if the mother has not filed for child support then this allows you time to get a job. Child support and joint custody and visitation are seoerate issues and one cannot be used Nike Windrunner Red And White

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court date I have a court date set in april. It is great you want to pay Nike V Neck Sweatshirt

against he other, meaning if you take a DNA test to provepartenty then you can file for custody, joint custody and or visitatons, if your on the childs birth certificate you can also file, once partenty is established you have the same rights as he mother. Are you asking if at a later date, is Nike Crop Top Long Sleeve it possible for you to ask for joint custody or visitation?

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I am not an Attorney. I trying to help our Nations parents, grandparents and/or child caregivers to see the realities; all for reinventing our Nations Family Court Systems.

We are not married. paternity is established. baby i moved out 1yr+. he filed for custody/child support, what will happen Paternity is established. i have moved out once before when she was 7weeks. we have tried.

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I have a 4 year old daughter out of wedlock the mother never allowed me to visit with the child. i am starting court proceedi. I am starting court proceeding to establish paternity, establish support payments and visitation.

Two years ago, my son and his former fiancee went together to add his name to her birth certificate. They were never married and it was an on and off affair for nearly 6 years. Two years ago was Nike Long Sleeve Womens Top

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