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"Unfortunately, with the availability of pornography Nike Jackets Grey on the Internet, we're seeing a 'new sexual education' taking place among our youth, and that's a horrible thing," says Keeton.

Posted May 16, 2013

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on young minds and the actions parents can take it educate their children about its dangers.

ACU alumnus leads sexuality webinar

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"I see in the counseling setting how even so called 'casual' usage of pornography subtly re shapes our attitudes. Any amount of usage disrupts the delicate and mysterious sexual engine God has given us as human beings," adds Keeton.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, the combination of adrenaline and neurochemicals conjured in the body by porn makes those particular images worth 100,000 words in the brain of an impressionable child," Keeton adds. "We can't bury our heads in the sand; porn is educating our culture and too many times directly Nike Tracksuit Womens

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Dr. Jaime Goff, department chair of the Marriage and Family Therapy program, is proud of the many ways Keeton and other graduates represent ACU's MFT program throughout the world.

that 'so easily entangles.'"

"The use of filtering software is certainly a step parents need to take, but let's not think we've completed our job as parents if that's all we're doing," says Keeton. "What matters most is that we teach young people a high and healthy view of human sexuality, especially as it pertains to the beauty and symbolism that God placed into sexuality by making us males and females."

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While the webinar is intended to address all implications and outcomes of pornography, it will also address the affect of pornography Nike Black Long Sleeve T Shirt

impacting our children."

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"Speaking not only from the moral standpoint, but also from a scientific perspective, pornography affects the brain in profound ways," says Keeton. "There is an addiction cycle and an effect on the neurochemistry of the brain that has the power to hook and then entrap individuals. As believers, we can understand this in light of Hebrews 12:1, sin Nike Gray Long Sleeve

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"Unfortunately, Internet pornography use is a significant issue for many couples, not only in the ways that it interferes with intimacy but also through the way it objectifies sexuality," says Goff. "By tackling this important issue and offering direction to those who struggle with it, Geremy is doing work that changes people's lives for the better."

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Keeton's advice to parents whose children have stumbled onto online pornography is to engage them in healthy sex education, not shame based reactivity.

A graduate of ACU's Marriage and Family Therapy program, Geremy F. Keeton ('01), will co host a free webinar Tuesday, May 21, on the topic of online pornography.

Keeton's presentation, "Why not porn? Is pornography truly that bad?" will focus on the implications of porn consumption and what individuals can do to combat the prevalence of pornography.

Keeton, a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with Focus on the Family while maintaining a private practice, has extensive experience counseling men and couples affected by sexual dysfunctions, infidelity and pornography addiction.

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