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Nike Jackets For Women Black

Nike Jackets For Women Black

Let's say you receive a phone call from a prospective tenant and they tell you that they want to rent one of your homes, but won't be relocating to the city until 6 months from today. You say okay, and without a deposit or any written contract you enter in an Invoice for 6 months' rent that will be paid by the new tenant when they move in 6 months from today.

are, what you do, and what you can do for them.

Like an adding machine you will plus and minus transactions. Not all the time, but in certain circumstances like this.

February, which makes for an unmatched transaction and is why being timely is very important.

It is a word most of us don't even give a second thought to, yet it is such an important word and action that you can do in a business to be successful!

If you had a crook doing your books, would he or she provide you with an unbiased Report? Most likely not, as he or she runs away to Switzerland with your money.

Nike Jackets For Women Black

How can you tell or know that information is NOT RELIABLE?

what you made in profits for January, or loss, whichever the case may be, and is why it is so important to be on top of things and understand that your actions do affect your bottom line.

First of all, let's focus on .

ACCOUNTING is more than just a word

Comparing your business to another business in your area that is similar to yours. However, they are from England and do their accounting system in Pounds instead of US dollars. This of course would not be a good company to use as a comparable. You will want to try to find other landlords or property managers, who have the same accounting system. Comparable rents for the area. Vacancy Rates, etc. By finding a company that operates like yourself you are receiving valid information in order for you to successfully succeed and go forward in the future.

So, all in all, you really know whether or not information given to you is RELIABLE or not? If it's based on a hope and a promise, then it's not following the rules

Just the word ACCOUNTING, can make your eyes go glassy and say, nope, this isn't for me. But yet ACCOUNTING really is a book about YOU! It is a book that tells others who you Nike Tracksuit Womens

Nike Jackets For Women Black

Nike Jackets For Women Black

So you are entering the COST ($65,000.00) and at the same time entering in what you are receiving (the home) at the finance price of $55,000.00)

So let's talk about ACCOUNTING, in a different way than you can imagine.

It's the same when investing and/or being a landlord and renting out homes. You want to be in the same ballpark as everyone else when it comes to rent.

This will show a profit for this property in January, and a Loss in Nike Crop Top Sweater


Nike Jackets For Women Black

Accounting is your advertisement. It speaks volumes about your integrity, your knowledge, your expertise.

Nike Jackets For Women Black

Nike Jackets For Women Black

Sois this information RELIABLE? No, because this person may never move in and you may never hear from them again! There is no valid documentation between the two parties that guarantees a legal contract between the two of you. So it is not verifiable.

So is this information TIMELY? No, because this is something that may Nike Jackets For Women Black or may not happen in the future.

Realtors do comps on houses that are being bought and sold in certain areas of town, so that they can help their clients make an offer or sell their house based on what the homes are selling for, in that area, at that time.

The information may seem boring as you read it, but if you just think about the words instead of words about accounting, and apply it to your physical involvement in the business, you will understand it's meaning and how it affects you and your chances of being what you wanted to be as an investor and why you are doing this to begin with.

You would set up the rental home as a Fixed Asset for the original price of the home which is $65,000.00 and setup the loan company as a loan for the amount to be financed, which would be $55,000.00 since you are giving a $10,000 deposit.


Nike Jackets For Women Black

Nike Jackets For Women Black

Does it give you any Feedback regarding the transaction? No, because there is nothing there. NO contract. NO Money. Nothingjust a promise and based entirely on thin air!

There are repairs in January and so you begin doing the repairs at that time, but you don't enter in the cost for all the repairs until February, even though you did them in January.

So is this transaction Bias? It could be if you were to receive a commission on every new tenant you sign up.

If you had entered in the repairs in January while working on the house, January would have a true accounting of Nike Sb Pullover Hoodie Grey

Nike Jackets For Women Black

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